Loyalty Source Wins Award for “Most Growth in Productivity”


Montreal, Quebec, April 30, 2019 – Loyalty Source, after making significant operational investments in 2018, was honoured for their exceptional year of growth by the Quebec Chamber of Commerce sponsored “Les Mercuriades”.

Their significant investment in productivity initiatives enabled the company to dramatically reduce processing and delivery times to under two days on customer orders. In addition, Loyalty Source’s proprietary enterprise resource planning system (ERP), which also includes a five-point data reporting process, offers their customers full order transparency on every package shipped.

Since releasing their ERP system, the company has demonstrated a 70% increase on order processing and delivery times at a newly reduced cost. The custom-built platform also enables Loyalty Source to continue to offer industry-best service level agreements (SLAs) along with 100% customized and granular handling, packaging, and kitting preferences catering to the individual needs of every customer. What’s more, Loyalty Source’s newly designed automated reverse logistics platform now provides its customers with an effortless, cost-free, and pleasant returns process, regardless of the order.

Francois Fortier, founder and president of Loyalty Source enthusiastically stated, “15 years of relentlessly chasing perfection paid off last night! I couldn’t be any prouder of the Loyalty Source team for their continued investment in supporting our constant evolution. We share this trophy with all of our clients because they’re the reason we will never stop innovating!”

Vice-President of Operations, Hyun-Hee Pyun had this to say after their win: ”We continue to listen to our clients to bring improvements to our ERP system we know our clients will greatly benefit from our improved efficiency. We constantly strive to surpass our previous achievements and standards.”

The Mercuriade award demonstrates the company’s firm commitment to investing and expanding their service offerings with best-in-class fulfilment and unmatched quality control, all at more than affordable pricing.

About Loyalty Source

Loyalty Source is a full-service provider for rewards provider founded in 2009, providing procurement, warehousing, logistics and last-mile distribution services of products to be delivered to our clients or their program participants. Since its inception, the company has innovated the business of sourcing and distributing merchandise within the Canadian Premium & Incentive industries.  

About KLF Group

KLF Group, the parent company of Loyalty Source, was nominated for two consecutive years in a host of categories with three Mercuriades nominations including one win in total. The KLF Group is a Canadian company specializing in software development and logistics for employee recognition and customer loyalty programs. KLF’s suite of services help companies implement, improve, and reduce the cost of operating their reward programs. Services include: Employee engagement software, Integrated rewards marketplace, Reward sourcing and fulfilment & Third-party logistics.

About Mercuriades

The Mercuriades competition hosted their inaugural event way back in 1972, The awards organization was established to celebrate business excellence in the province of Quebec recognizing the efforts of local entrepreneurs who have achieved the highest level of distinction in their respective category.

Learn more about the Mercuriades

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