KLF Group thrives throughout the pandemic and sets new industry standards for years to come!


The Canadian leader in reward marketplace fulfillment delivered on its brand promise to be the fastest and most reliable marketplace partner to its clients, despite all the sourcing and logistical problems throughout the past pandemic year.

Montreal, Quebec – In spite of the unprecedented challenges of 2020 and 2021, KLF Group has managed to maintain focus and surpass its clients’ expectations of service excellence.

The supply and demand shocks in North America led to a complete change in consumer habits – and the incentives industry was affected along with traditional retail markets, leading to bottlenecks in all distribution channels.

Nevertheless, KLF Group persisted in its mission to bring the best and most relevant brands to its customers and deliver their orders in industry-best 24 hour ship times. By exploring new product categories, investing technology, increasing inventory, and prioritizing client satisfaction, KLF was able to keep its promise of delivering happiness all throughout the pandemic.

These efforts translated in best-in-class client service level metrics for 2020:

-Over 1700 new products were added to the rewards catalog through the year, as well as 52 new brands.

-The average order processing time decreased by 19% from 2019 despite a 94% increase in order volume.

-The number of orders shipped in under 24 hours increased to over 55% and in under 3 days to over 85%, while the number of returns decreased below 1.5%.

These achievements are the result of KLF’s customer-first approach as well as the dedication and commitment of its client success team. Customers also acknowledged the company’s resilience and capacity to adapt quickly to changing a landscape and consumer needs.

What is next for the KLF Group? Chief Operating Officer Hyun-Hee Pyun announces the company’s plans for 2021 and beyond: ‘We’re staying true to our strategy to invest in our logistics operations. The past year has confirmed how important it is for us to constantly offer new products and stock them with precision. This is why we’ve made an investment in our warehousing space to expand our stocking capacities with an additional 10,000 square feet. This new space will allow us to increase our inventory positions and ship out even more orders within our 24 hour objective’.

With more inventory space, clients will also have access to more products and services so they can build programs that are truly bespoke. Also on the horizon is the group’s development of its third-party logistics services, reinforcing its place as an industry leader in direct-to-consumer fulfilment in Canada. Pyun adds ‘many of our clients want a standardized service throughout their entire marketplace. Our 3PL service allows them to send us inventory they own and would like for us to stock and ship on their behalf along with our inventory’.

KLF Group is ready to tackle 2021 with these new opportunities in mind and a passionate team eager to keep growing and setting the standard for service levels in its industry.


For more information about the KLF Group, visit: www.klfgroup.ca.

Contact: Hyun-Hee Pyun, Chief Operating Officer – hh@klfgroup.ca – 514.664-5304 xt 1009.

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